Broward County School Calendar 2023-2024, Lunch Apply Form and Prices

You are ready to start an exciting journey that offers new learning, personal growth, and lots of tasty food options? We are happy to share the Broward County School Calendar 2023-2024 academic year. This calendar is more than just a list of dates; it opens the door to many exciting chances for students and their families. It includes all the important school deadlines, holiday breaks, and different lunch options. This means you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. This guide is here to help you plan well, making it easier for you to take advantage of every chance for success and fun in the upcoming school year.

Broward County School Calendar

The Broward County School Calendar 2023-2024 is a thorough guide aimed at helping students, parents, and teachers achieve success. It offers well organized school schedules and numerous extracurricular activities, providing daily opportunities for excellence. From the first day of school to holidays and breaks, the calendar supports their diverse community and promotes a culture of achievement and inclusivity.


Lunch Apply Form

They understand that healthy meals are very important for learning well. That’s why we are proud to offer many delicious and balanced food choices in our school lunch program. Their Lunch Apply Form makes it easy for families to apply for meal benefits, making sure every student gets the food they need to do well. Their menu includes something for everyone, whether your child likes hot or cold meals, vegetarian options, or traditional dishes.

To learn more about the calendar: Go to this page

Broward County School Lunch Prices

They know that keeping lunch prices low is important for many families, and they work hard to make sure the prices are affordable. Their goal is to provide good meals that don’t cost too much. They also offer free or cheaper meals to students who qualify, making sure no child goes without food.

Types Price
Elementary $2.00
Middle $2.35
High School $2.50


At Broward County Schools, their commitment is to offer a high-quality education. It sets students up for success both now and in the years to come. They uphold rigorous academic standards. They provide nutritious meal choices as part of our dedication to excellence. They focus on being knowledgeable, authoritative, and trustworthy. They strive to create a supportive learning environment. In this environment, every student can succeed.

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