Dubai Driving: Advice and Tricks for Tourists Renting Cars

With its breathtaking towers and wide road networks, Dubai provides a unique driving experience that both satisfies and overwhelms travelers. Car rentals are great for self-guided city exploration. This complete guide to Dubai automobile rental will make your trip simple and pleasurable.  Compare car rentals in Casino 20Bet and find the cheapest prices.

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  • Getting Ready for Your Trip
  1. Choosing the Best Rental Car

The model of the car you are to rent will depend only upon your travel requirements and the neighboring environment. Diverse roads and ample parking areas of Dubai allow larger vehicles, which has indeed made SUV-type cars available for family travel.

But if the tour is intended for serious business or just to catch up with style and elegance, then many rental services provide luxury brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Factor in important factors such as fuel economy and comfort, and add-ons that will increase your enjoyment, like GPS navigation, while in Dubai.

  1. Knowing and Understanding Rental Agreements

Probably important to read the fine print before you go ahead and sign any rental agreement, such as insurances that cover possible accidents or theft. Note any mileage limitations to avoid huge fees. Note the added driver fees if sharing. Also, make note of what they want to be done with the gas—some may want it full on return, and some just charge you for the gas.

  • Top Driving Advice in Dubai
  1. Familiarize Yourself with Local Driving Laws

The driving rules, speed limits, and traffic etiquette in Dubai may be vastly different from what you are used to. The rules will help you avoid fines, but it is useful to know the local ones as well. The speed limits are very well controlled, and cameras are installed in most places in the city, if not in all of them.

Yes, that’s right—traffic flows to the right. All passengers must wear their seat belts. Some local customs and the rules of driving etiquette will also make you better assimilate into the traffic.

  1. Getting Around and Parking in Dubai

Getting around in Dubai is somewhat tough because of the number of freeways and the landscape that keeps changing with new buildings. It would be good to have a GPS to keep up with real-time updates on traffic and changed routes.

There is ample parking space for vehicles in Dubai, available at most malls, hotels, and landmarks. In relatively busier places, such as Downtown Dubai or other popular areas, parking might be slightly more inconvenient. Look for marked parking places everywhere, and always keep change on hand for parking meters.

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