Firehouse Subs Birthday Reward Freebie, Why is not showing up

Starting your birthday with a free sub from Firehouse Subs should be as happy and easy as blowing out candles on your cake. But sometimes, changes in technology or rules can mean that the birthday reward you were looking forward to doesn’t appear as expected. This article will explain why this might happen and give you solutions to fix it, so you can ensure your special day includes a delicious treat from Firehouse Subs.

Firehouse Subs Birthday Reward

Starting January 8, 2024, Firehouse Subs Birthday Rewards Members who joined before January 7, 2024, can get the Birthday Sub Reward. If you signed up before buying a Firehouse Subs item at least seven days before your birthday in the last six months your Account qualifies.

This reward gives you a free Medium Sub when you spend USD 1.00. Redeem it in-store with your phone number or online by logging into your Account. You can use it the day before, on, and after your birthday.

Make sure your birthday is entered in your Account before January 7, 2024, to qualify. If you add it later, you will get the reward the following year. It’s only valid at participating Firehouse Subs restaurants. You get one Birthday Sub Reward per year.

  • Boosting Points:

Sometimes, members will have special events where they can earn more points than usual. This means they can get more points for every dollar they spend. These events make the rewards system more fun and give people a special opportunity to collect points faster.

Birthday Reward Why is not showing up

If you are not seeing your Firehouse Subs birthday reward, it could be because of a few common issues:

  • Account Verification Issues:

Double check that your account is fully verified, with an email address that’s confirmed and your correct birthdate entered. If these details aren’t right, the system might not give you the birthday reward.

  • Timing of Sign-Up:

If you join the Firehouse Rewards program too close to your birthday, the system might not have enough time to give you your birthday reward. It’s best to sign up at least a month before to make sure everything works well.

  • App Updates and Technical Glitches:

Sometimes, if there are updates or problems with the Firehouse Subs app, your rewards might disappear. Make sure you have the latest version of the app, and try logging out and then logging back in to see if your account details refresh.

  • Inactive Account:

If you don’t use your account or it’s inactive for a while, you might not get rewards right away. Try using your account more often by buying things or doing stuff in the app.

  • Eligibility Requirements:

Some rules might say you need to buy a certain amount of things or earn a certain number of points before your birthday to get the free sub. Check the rules of the rewards program to see if there are any requirements like that.


At Firehouse Subs, they want to make your birthday special by giving you a delicious free sub. If you learn about their rewards program and solve any usual issues, you can make sure your birthday treat is amazing and tasty. Just remember, a little planning can help you enjoy your Firehouse Subs Birthday Reward Freebie treat even more!

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