Pasco School Calendar 23-24, Lunch Account

The center of excitement and careful planning is the Pasco School Calendar 23-24! This guide is your key resource for understanding the school schedule, helping you plan well, and making the most of each day. We will review each part of the calendar, giving you the information you need to prepare for upcoming events and deadlines. They will also offer tips on improving your student’s lunch account, making sure they get the energy and nutrition they need to do well in school all year. Join them on this educational journey, armed with the tools to make this school year both successful and memorable.

Pasco County School Calendar

This Pasco School Calendar for 23-24 offers much more than a simple record of dates; it opens up a realm of opportunities. From the first day of school to various fun events and holidays throughout the year, every date on the calendar is a chance for improvement and success.

The calendar is carefully made to help students, parents, and teachers do well by providing them with the tools and support they need. Each day noted is not just a simple date, but a step towards achieving goals and celebrating important moments in education.

calendarLearn more about Lunch Account:

What’s a fun adventure without good food to keep you going? Your lunch account helps you fight off hunger and enjoy delicious, carefully made meals. With many healthy options for everyone, lunchtime becomes something to look forward to each day. Also, managing your lunch account is easier than ever, allowing you to make smart choices for your health

  • Breakfast
Types Price
Elementary $1.60
Secondary $1.75
Charter K-8 $1.60
Charter High School $1.75
  • Lunch
Types Price
Elementary $3.00
Secondary $3.50
Charter K-8 $3.00
Charter High School $3.50

Learn more about Lunch Account: Read on here

Benefits of a Funded Lunch Account

  • Nutritional Excellence:

Make sure your student gets healthy, balanced meals that help their body and brain grow and develop.

  • Convenience and Efficiency:

Say goodbye to the morning rush of making lunches. With a pre-paid lunch account, your student can enjoy delicious meals that are ready to eat, with no preparation needed.

  • Community Connection:

Help your student feel part of a group as they eat with their classmates. Sharing meals every day makes good memories and helps them make long-lasting friends.


With the Pasco School Calendar guiding them and a full lunch account ready, let’s jump into the exciting possibilities of the 2023-2024 school year. Together, we’ll follow a path of learning, discovering, and achieving, using the tools and knowledge we need to do well. Here’s to a year filled with endless opportunities and great achievements.

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