Sonic Lunch Hours: Time of Start and End Or Is for all day?

Enjoying a satisfying meal at Sonic hinges on your awareness of when their sought after Sonic Lunch is available. Sonic stands out as a beloved American fast food joint, renowned for its service and extensive menu options. They present Sonic Lunch as a limited time special, exclusively available during specific Sonic Lunch Hours. The burning question arises. Do they merely span a short duration, or can you relish Sonic Lunch throughout the day? Let’s embark on this discovery together to ensure that your Sonic experience transcends the ordinary and becomes truly extraordinary.

Sonic Lunch Hours

The Sonic Lunch Hours are perfect for people who wake up early, giving them a tasty way to start their day. They start serving lunch at 10:00 AM, so you can enjoy a hearty meal in the late morning or early afternoon.

  • Their lunch hours go until midnight so that you can satisfy your lunch cravings even late at night.
  • This long timeframe lets you have a relaxed lunch, whether grabbing a quick bite or enjoying your meal with friends or family.

Lunch Time Srart at Sonic:

Lunchtime at Sonic can vary depending on the location, but generally, it starts around midday. The lunchtime hours usually extend throughout the day, but there might be variations at certain locations.

  • To be sure about the exact timings, it’s best to check the website of your local Sonic Drive-In or get in touch with their customer service.
Lunch  Start Time
Monday to Friday 10:30 AM
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM

End time Or Is sonic Lunch all day?

Contrary to what many people think, Sonic Lunch does not last all day. It’s a special Marketing that usually ends in the early afternoon. Sonic usually closes in the evening, but the closing times can be different at each location.

  • Normally, Sonic stops serving lunch items around the time they close.
  • Rumors are that the lunch menu closes at 3 o’clock. However, it may vary from that time, so please confirm by calling their number.
Luch End Time
Monday to Sunday 3:00 PM


Hence Sonic Lunch is a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite Sonic dishes at discounted prices. Even though it’s not available all day, you can still have a delicious meal during the specified Sonic Lunch hours. Make sure to check with your local Sonic Drive-In for their specific Sonic Lunch hours.

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