Texas Roadhouse Hours: What time does it Open, Close?

When you are planning to eat out, especially at a popular spot like Texas Roadhouse, it’s important to know when they are open. This guide is here to help you understand when Texas Roadhouse Hours so you can have the best dining experience possible. Whether you are in the mood for their tasty steaks, juicy ribs, or fresh bread, knowing the right time to go can make your meal even better. This Companion gives you all the info you need to plan your visit and enjoy your favorite dishes.

Texas Roadhouse Hours

The Texas Roadhouse opens at 11:00 AM on Fridays through Sundays, and at 3:00 PM from Monday to Thursday. These times are good for people who want to start their lunch with tasty food. It’s also good for big groups or families who want to eat without lots of people around and enjoy their meal quietly.

What time does it Open, Close?

During the week, Texas Roadhouse closes at 9:00 PM, so you can still have dinner if you finish work late. On Fridays and Saturdays, they stay open until 10:00 PM, which is good if you want a big meal after watching a movie or going to an event. Sundays are quieter, with the restaurant closing at 9:00 PM, giving you a chance to end your weekend with a nice meal.

Days Open Hours Close Hours
Monday to Thursday 3:00 PM 9:00 PM
Friday to Saturday 11:00 AM 10:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM 9:00 PM

Special Hours:

Texas Roadhouse knows holidays are about happiness and being together. They sometimes change their hours to let more families and festive diners come in. It’s smart to check their website or call before you go on holiday to find out when they are open.

Why Knowing Restaurant Hours Matters

Knowing when Texas Roadhouse is open helps you decide when to go. You can pick a time when it’s not too crowded if you want a quiet meal, or when it’s busy if you like the excitement. It also makes it easier to plan events without being concerned about them being closed or having to wait a long time.


Understanding when Texas Roadhouse hours makes your dining experience better. Whether you are planning a family lunch or a festive dinner, coming at the right time makes your meal nicer. It’s smart to check the hours beforehand, especially on holidays, so you can enjoy every part of your visit.

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