Top 10 Leading Chocolate Companies in India: A Sweet Journey

Who doesn’t love chocolates? They’re yummy, they make us happy, and they’re perfect for any time of day. In India, the chocolate business is growing fast. 

By 2026, people think Indians will buy over 156 thousand tons of chocolate! That’s a lot of chocolate bars!

Top 10 Leading Chocolate Companies in India

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 chocolate companies in India. 

We’ll learn about their history, what makes them special, and why people love them. 

So, get ready for a delicious adventure through the world of Indian chocolates!

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List of Top Chocolate Companies in India

1. Cadbury

Cadbury is like the king of chocolates in India. It’s so popular that some people say “Cadbury” when they mean any chocolate!


  • Started in Britain
  • Now owned by a big company called Mondelez International
  • Came to India many years ago and became a favorite

Popular Chocolates:

  • Dairy Milk (the most famous one!)
  • Celebrations
  • Silk
  • Perk
  • Bournville
  • 5 Star
  • Gems

Why People Love It:

  • Creamy taste
  • Lots of different flavors
  • Prices from very cheap (Rs. 5) to fancy gift boxes (Rs. 500)

Fun Fact: Cadbury is the second-biggest chocolate brand in the whole world!

2. Nestle

Nestle is not just about chocolates. They make all sorts of food and drinks. But their chocolates are super popular in India.

About Nestle India:

  • Part of a big Swiss company
  • Has 8 factories in India
  • Makes products that are as good as anywhere in the world

Famous Chocolates:

  • Kit Kat (the one you can break into pieces)
  • Munch
  • Bar One

Other Products:

  • Maggi noodles
  • Nescafe coffee
  • Milkmaid (for making desserts)

What’s Special:

  • Known for being honest and fair
  • Makes many things Indians trust and love

3. Amul

Amul is famous for milk, but guess what? They make great chocolates too!

About Amul:

  • An Indian company from Gujarat
  • Name means “Anand Milk Union Limited”
  • Known for milk products but also awesome chocolates

Popular Chocolates:

  • Fruit n Nut
  • Dark Chocolate (with no sugar!)
  • Mystic Mocha

Cool Thing: Amul has a factory where machines do most of the work. It’s like a chocolate robot factory!

4. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is fancy. It’s the chocolate people give as special gifts.


  • Started by Michele Ferrero in 1946
  • Came to India in 2004
  • Quickly became very popular

Famous For:

  • Ferrero Rocher (the golden ball chocolates)
  • Nutella (yummy chocolate spread)

Other Chocolates:

  • Kinder
  • Raffaello
  • Mon Cheri

Why It’s Special:

  • Looks beautiful
  • Tastes amazing
  • Was the first really fancy chocolate in India

5. Hershey’s

Hershey’s is a big name from America that Indians have grown to love.

About Hershey’s:

  • Over 100 years old
  • Started in a place called Hershey in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Came to India as HERSHEY India Private Ltd.

Popular Products:

  • HERSHEY’S KISSES (little drop-shaped chocolates)
  • JOLLY RANCHER (not just chocolate, but candy too)

What’s Cool:

  • Has more than 80 different treats around the world
  • Makes drinks and snacks too, not just chocolates

6. Lotte

Lotte is a mix of Korean and Indian chocolate love!


  • Started when a Korean company bought an Indian company in 2004
  • Part of a big Korean business group

Famous For:

  • Choco Pie (a chocolate-covered cake)
  • Coffy Bite
  • Lacto King

Interesting Fact: Lotte Choco Pie is 100% vegetarian, so everyone can enjoy it!

7. Mars

Mars is another American chocolate that Indians really like.


  • Started by Frank C. Mars in 1911 in the USA
  • Came to India in the 1950s
  • Keeps bringing new and exciting chocolates to India

Popular Chocolates:

  • Snickers
  • M&Ms (colorful button chocolates)
  • Galaxy
  • Milky Way
  • Bounty

Why People Love It:

  • Uses tasty cocoa and milk
  • Gives a nice feeling when you eat it

8. Lindt

Lindt is the fancy, grown-up chocolate that people love to treat themselves with.

About Lindt:

  • From Switzerland, known for great chocolate
  • Uses the best ingredients

What’s Special:

  • Seen as a luxury chocolate in India
  • Known for very high quality

Fun Fact: In the 1990s, having Lindt in your fridge was a big deal in India!

9. Parle Chocolates

Parle is an Indian company that makes more than just chocolates, but their chocolates are loved by many.


  • Started in 1929 by two brothers
  • Began in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Famous For:

  • Parle Melody (a chewy chocolate)
  • Parle Hide & Seek (chocolate cookies)

Why It’s Popular:

  • Tasty but not expensive
  • Made with good ingredients
  • A truly Indian brand

10. Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva is the super fancy chocolate that people buy for very special times.

About Godiva:

  • Started in Belgium
  • Named after a story about Lady Godiva
  • Now owned by companies from Turkey and South Korea


  • Opening 2,000 GODIVA cafes around the world
  • These cafes will have chocolate drinks, pastries, and special chocolates

What’s Special:

  • Known for dark chocolates
  • Seen as a top luxury chocolate in India

FAQs about Chocolate Companies in India

  • 1. Which is the most popular chocolate brand in India? 

Cadbury is often considered the most popular chocolate brand in India, especially its Dairy Milk range.

  • 2. Are there any Indian chocolate companies in the top 10? 

Yes! Amul and Parle are Indian companies that make popular chocolates.

  • 3. Which company makes the fanciest chocolates in India? 

Godiva and Lindt are often seen as the most luxurious chocolate brands available in India.

  • 4. Do any of these companies make sugar-free chocolates? 

Yes, many of them do. For example, Amul makes dark chocolate with no added sugar.

  • 5. What’s the cheapest chocolate from these top brands? 

Cadbury and Parle offer some of the most affordable chocolates, with some starting from just Rs. 5.

  • 6. Do all these companies have factories in India? 

Not all, but many do. Companies like Cadbury, Nestle, and Amul have their own factories in India.

  • 7. Which company is newest to India among these? 

Godiva is relatively new to the Indian market compared to others on this list.

  • 8. Are all these chocolates vegetarian? 

Most are, but it’s always good to check the label. For example, Lotte Choco Pie is specifically mentioned as 100% vegetarian.

  • 9. Which company is known for its chocolate drinks too? 

Cadbury and Hershey’s are both famous for their chocolate drinks in India.

  • 10. Do any of these companies make chocolates specially for Indian tastes? 

Yes, many of them create flavors that appeal to Indian tastes. For example, Cadbury has created India-specific flavors in the past.


Wow! We’ve taken a tasty trip through the top 10 chocolate companies in India. From the everyday favorite Cadbury to the super fancy Godiva, there’s chocolate for everyone and every mood.

These companies make India’s chocolate lovers very happy. They give us creamy, sweet, and sometimes even healthy dark chocolates. Whether you want a small treat or a big, fancy gift, these brands have got you covered.

Remember, chocolates aren’t just yummy. They can make you feel happy too! They help make a hormone in our body called serotonin, which is like a natural mood booster.

So next time you eat a chocolate, think about which company made it. Maybe you’ll try a new one from this list. After all, with so many great choices, India’s love for chocolate is only growing sweeter!

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